Inner Strength Pelvic Floor Program
The First Holistic & Research-Based Recovery System for Women with:
Weak Pelvic Floor
Bladder or Bowel Control Problems
Pelvic Organ Prolapse
What you’re feeling isn’t normal. 
That's pretty much the opposite of what you've been told right? Instead, all you hear is your pain, incontinence, and constipation are just things that HAPPEN, and your only choices are:
A) Living with it
B) Invasive surgery thank you. You know there HAS to be another way, but nothing you've tried seems to work.

It’s painful. It’s frustrating. It’s embarrassing.

And you are 100% DONE feeling like...
  • You’re the only one in the world experiencing these problems. (Not even close!)
  •  Your organs are dropping that possible?  
  •  You can't leave the house without fear of leaking or an accident. Coughing, sneezing, laughing -- everything makes you leak!  
  •  A regular at the doctor’s office. You’ve been SO MANY times you need a punch card!  
  •  Your gym, CrossFit, and cycling days are over -- and forget running around with the kids.  
  •  You can’t be intimate with your partner. (You don’t exactly feel sexy...) 
  •  There's zero hope to reclaim your active, remarkable life! 
Sound familiar? 
The truth is, if you're feeling these symptoms most likely you are experiencing prolapse due to a weakening of your pelvic floor and connective tissue.

This can happen because of 3 main reasons:

1. Childbirth (Especially from your first pregnancy.)
2. Menopause (Hormone changes such as reduced estrogen and collagen shifts.)
3. Constipation (Chronic straining when pushing out your poop.)

Here’s some more #truth:
1 in 3 women have bladder control problems.
1 in 3 will experience pelvic organ prolapse while much more suffer back or pelvic pain.
2 in 3 women have abdominal separation.

The ‘good’ news is you’re not alone. The BETTER news is there’s a way to fix your prolapse. (Without invasive surgery or constant pain!)

I know, that probably sounds too good to be true after visiting doctor after doctor who has told you otherwise. But...

This doesn’t have to be your normal. 
And you don’t have to go through it alone.
Take a second and imagine a world where you can...
  • Workout how you want, when you want without leakage or making your prolapse worse.
  •  Gain 100% control of your bladder and bowels. (No more picking outfits based on fear.)  
  •  End back or pelvic pain and return to your active lifestyle.  
  •  Leave your house, go back to work, run around outside with your kids! Be confident in PUBLIC again!  
  •  Optimise your hormonal health to fight fatigue, overwhelm, and low moods. 
  •  Reconnect with your partner and enjoy sex and intimacy!  
Deep down, you know this is ALL possible. You just need the right tools and support to help you heal.  

Introducing The Prolapse Recovery Program 
The Prolapse Recovery Program is an 8-week, holistic, exercise, nutrition and pelvic floor based system that you can complete in just 10 minutes a day from the comfort of your own home. 

Based on the exact system I’ve used in my private physiotherapy practice with over 2,000 women - I walk you step-by-step through the entire process to take back control of your health and heal your prolapse and bladder or bowel control problems.

The truth is 84% of women can be fixed with pelvic floor exercise INSTEAD of expensive, invasive surgery!

So chances are...

You don’t need costly surgery.
You don’t need to suffer a moment longer.
You don’t even need to come to my office.

Through detailed exercise videos, delicious hormone balancing recipes, and a discrete community of supportive, women who GET IT -- you will be empowered to take control of your medical journey and heal yourself!  

Together, we will nurture healthy habits, holistically focusing on you: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Refine your alignment, reclaim muscle confidence, and cultivate core care!

The best part? 
 This program is designed so you can knit all the elements of your health together to not only heal you prolapse but improve every area of your wellbeing! 

Hi, I’m Heba Shaheed.

I’m the co-founder of The Pelvic Expert. And not too long ago, I was right where you are now.
After graduating with a degree in Physiotherapy, I was stricken with chronic pelvic pain -- at points, it was so bad I couldn't even walk! I saw dozens of doctors and specialists, but no one could help. I was told everything from what I was experiencing was normal to the only option was invasive surgery. 

I was lost, frustrated, and in so much pain.

I couldn’t work. I couldn’t weight-lift (a big passion of mine). I couldn’t even THINK about anything other than my pain. 
It affected my mood, my standard of living, and worst of all my ability to work (I had to take 9 months off).

Finally, I had enough.

I decided to take my health into my own hands and proceeded to study and research pelvic health so I could figure out how to heal myself.

After taking every course I could find on the issue and fuse that education with my pilates, yoga, and nutrition background, I was not only able to find a way to heal but also THRIVE. (I was also eventually diagnosed with Endometriosis -- a condition that statistically takes around 10 years for women to get diagnosed!)
This experience made me realize there was a giant gap missing in women’s health and launched my private physiotherapy practice with a specialty in pelvic health. 

WHY did it take me literally switching my career path to heal my body?

Let's be honest; it's still a trend in the medical community to ‘protect' women from information about their bodies.

Women are almost NEVER told the full range of their health care options let alone that this problem can even happen.

I’ve seen so many women hide away from the world, unwilling to talk about their issues out of shame or even leave their home out of fear of embarrassment.

I say, NO MORE.

I started The Pelvic Expert and created the Prolapse Recovery Program to help spread the word to a larger audience of women that there is HOPE.

I’m here to be more than a medical professional but as a partner on your wellness team.

My mission is to support you in every step of this journey and empower you to take back control over your body.

Let’s break down the stigma, shame, and embarrassment by TALKING about these issues in an informed, productive way.

The Prolapse Recovery Program is all about providing right tools, education, exercises, and support so you can HEAL yourself. 
No more pain. No more embarrassment. No more silence. 
Love notes from past clients. 
"Thank you I can’t wait to have a fully functioning pelvis again <3."

"Cool! Thanks Heba am feeling really positive about the program and finding you so that now and especially after the next baby I can start my journey to recovery better informed! I hope one day I won't leak and can get back to my beloved yoga ** thank you so much! <3"

"Your videos and daily tasks have been amazing. Thank you so much. I've been sharing them... <3"
“I have been really impressed with your videos and the way that you deliver info and education- thanks for the last 5 days, I feel stronger already!” 

“Thanks for your help, I'm very keen to improve my quality of life, I'm… hoping (the program) is something that I can gain benefit from.”

"I used to leak with cough and sneeze, but after this 5 day challenge that's gone. Looking forward to stopping my leaks with jumping and exercise."
What’s included in this program?
Through research-based exercises, hormone balancing nutrition, instructional videos, handouts, and comprehensive worksheets you will receive a holistic healing approach to the complicated causes of prolapse. This is the exact process I use with my private practice clients, and I will walk you through every, single detail. Plus, you get to work at your own pace and from the comfort of home!

Each week I host a LIVE Q&A session just for members. This is a fantastic opportunity to get all your questions answered directly in a safe, private environment. You will have lifetime access to these sessions because your health journey won't end with the program! I want you to get all the education and support your need to THRIVE.

6 WEEKS OF SHORT VIDEOS COVERING WOMEN’S HEALTH EDUCATION - These weekly videos will provide a full, 360-degree education on YOUR health. Learn about pelvic, bladder, bowel, sexual, vulva health so you’ll know exactly what’s going on with your body! ($500 + value) 
WEEKLY PELVIC-FOCUSSED WORKOUTS (LIFETIME ACCESS) - You will receive over 40+ exercise, posture, and alignment videos -- that you can do in your living room -- to help strengthen your pelvic floor and heal your prolapse. These are medically proven, yoga and pilates inspired exercises, used by over 2000+ clients. And we're not talking a 2-hour bootcamp here. Most exercises can be completed in 10 minutes or less! 
50 + PRINTABLE HANDOUTS - These worksheets + handouts will help further your education about your whole body health. They will support each week's lesson with simple assignments that can be completed within a few minutes. This program does take work and self-direction, but I'm here to make it as easy as possible! 
BONUS: RECIPE BOOK INCLUDING 30 + HORMONE-BALANCING, COLLAGEN-BOOSTING RECIPES - Combined with the right exercises, this nutrition program will significantly accelerate your healing process, help you keep gut health and bowel health in check, and improve your overall wellbeing. Fight fatigue, overwhelm and even low moods! I made sure these no-time-to-cook recipes are easy, affordable, and appeal to a range of tastes. Boosting your health doesn't have to be all about dry, stale, kale!
BONUS: 3 EXPERT INTERVIEWS FROM OUR WOMEN’S HEALTH ADVISORY BOARD - Learn from gynecologists, colorectal surgeons, and pain medicine specialists for specialized education on your body. I know there’s a HUGE information gap when it comes to women their health -- which is why I’ve gathered a team of experts to help you make informed, productive decisions about your medical choices. 
LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY– PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP - Experiencing prolapse and incontinence can be incredibly isolating. We often feel like it's TMI to talk about these issues and do our best to hide them from the world. This community (of over 300 members) is a safe, discrete, supportive and a place where you can share your struggles with an empathetic audience and ask me and my team of experts any questions! Plus, you'll receive LIFETIME access to continued support. 
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Sign up and connect with other women who understand your struggles and start reshaping your life today!
Here’s how it works: 
1. You’ll get an email confirmation with your online program membership + access to the private Facebook group.  

2. Every week you’ll get an individual assignment (it could be a video or a workbook task – they’re always small and achievable!)

3. Dive into our delicious hormone-balancing recipes that will complement your assignments – and help you keep gut health and bowel health in check!

4. Feel free to travel through the program at your own pace with live expert Q&A and a private Facebook group connecting you with other women.

5. When you hit week 8 enjoy LIFETIME access to the complete video library and community so you can keep up your exercises and support for life.
Now, this program isn’t for everyone. 
You might not be a great fit if you...
  • Want someone to heal you. You’re not interested in DIYing your health and would rather someone else do the work.
  •  Don’t believe that you can get better. You’ve lost all hope that your body can heal.  
  •  Aren't interested in supporting other women on their healing journeys.  
Not you? Then great! See what others have said about this program. 
Thank you Heba for The Postpartum Program! 

I started the program after having my third baby and suffering from a very weak pelvic floor & mild prolapse. I have thoroughly enjoyed the varied exercises each week & have seen a huge difference in my pelvic floor strength along with not noticing any prolapse symptoms day-to-day.

The program has been really encouraging and is very realistic for a busy mum. I really appreciate your time in answering any questions I have had along the way.

This program was absolutely what I needed to help me get back on track for a strong pelvic floor and to give me the confidence to start exercising again like I did pre-babies.

(Laura, Western Australia)

I’m home after giving birth to my second child and already thinking about the program! I very much look forward to now putting into action much that I’ve learnt over the previous weeks which are already seeing some improvements. I look forward to continuing with program post partum and watching my body and mind get stronger and recover from the effects of pregnancy. So glad I found Heba, The Pelvic Expert and the Program in time for this next birth!

(Davina, South Australia)
I have really enjoyed the Program so far. 
It is great to connect with so many women and to talk openly and honestly. 
I love Heba's approach, I feel it aligns with my view of health and I enjoy learning more about the way my body works, how it changes under stress and the importance of actively connecting with it.
Half way through the course I feel my pelvic floor is stronger and I no longer have some of my initial symtoms. I still have work to do though!
The surprising and most important changes I have noticed are those developed through the awareness of self care. I feel I can manage my stress levels better, sleep better and have more energy. These are benefits I had no idea I would gain from a 'pelvic floor program'. Thank you Heba!

(Karen, Western Australia)
It looks like you have TWO choices:
Option #1 - Continue Googling, throwing money at doctors, and putting off healing your body while living with the pain, shame, and frustration associated with prolapse. (Psst. If you wait TOO long, the problem will only get worse and become much harder to fix. Time isn't on your side.).
Option #2 - Follow my step-by-step system and strengthen your pelvic floor, retrain your core muscles, and optimize your health through nutrition and movement. All from the comfort of your own home and surrounded by a supportive, encouraging community of women who GET IT. 
Can I do the program while seeing my own physio?

Absolutely. Our holistic approach involves nutrition and mind-body strategies that go beyond the expertise of your physio. Our video library of exercises is like having your physio right there with you while connecting with a community of women who are going through the same issues can be reassuring and comforting.

Don’t I need to see a therapist in person?

Not at all! This program is based on my in-person system but has been proven to create the same results online. My video tutorials are VERY in-depth (unlike many programs), and I take you through the entire process step-by-step. Nothing I teach makes it necessary for me to be in the room with you!

How can I be sure that this program will help me?

I’ve been there; I've given birth, and I've tried and tested all strategies in my evidence-based program as well as with thousands of women. I guarantee that if you put in the time and apply everything you learn, your symptoms will be substantially reduced!

How does this program differ from others online?

It's one of a kind. As a physiotherapist with 7+ years experience, I saw the need for a unique and purpose-built program addressing women's health. Communicated, the program's extensive resources are designed with the purpose of managing and preventing abdominal separation, prolapse, incontinence, back pain and other musculoskeletal, bladder, bowel, and sexual dysfunctions. We want to get into your head so you can self-care long after the course!

The best thing that has happened to my pelvic floor is coming across The Program. Being a personal trainer with a prolapse, this journey has been such a complete eye opener; I have learnt so much not only as a patient but also as a trainer so I may encourage and teach other mums to be and post natal mums correctly about the importance of having strong pelvic floor muscles.

The online program is well written with detailed information on many topics such as self care, nutrition, posture, exercises and so much more that I wouldn’t have even thought they were related to pelvic floor stability. I loved the Thursday night weekly group meetings call ins, not only did it give us an opportunity to catch up on how we were all going with the course that but I also loved meeting people who were in the similar situation and to hear what they were experiencing. There was absolute no pressure to stay on top of the course and if I lagged behind a gentle email reminders was a great way to get me back on track. 

Trust in the process/system the Program has in place because it really works. With exercise playing such a big part of my life - as a profession and as a weekend warrior, I feel 100% confident what I am doing to strengthen my pelvic floor and as well as passing information on to my clients is the bees knees.

(Srijana, Victoria)
What can I say about The Pelvic Expert's Program except that it was nothing short of life-changing for me. The holistic approach to postpartum needs, combining physical and emotional healing, were exactly what I needed to get my life back on track as a mother and as an individual. 
When I first heard about the program I was desperate. I was 6 months postpartum, had debilitating back spasms, wasn’t able to properly care for my children due to the pain and was exhausted and martyring myself for motherhood. Living far from my family with two children under the two I needed help and fast.
I started to see a difference in my back pain and pelvic floor in the first week. As the program progressed I was not only able to heal the pain, I started to lose the pregnancy weight, and began feeling more rested and nourished. I ultimately began to take better care of myself and in turn was able to take better care of my family.
My physical, emotional and mental health is like night and day compared to where I was pre-Program. I now live pain free, have lost all my pregnancy weight and can play with my children with a smile on my face.

(Katherine, Canada )
I saw the Pelvic Expert on Facebook not long after I had my first child and watched the free webinar. A lot of what Heba was talking about were the issues that I was experiencing. As first I was a little sceptical as I thought it was a lot of money to to fork out for an online course, however after thinking about it I thought why not give it a go and as Heba mentioned if I had to go to a physio it would be more expensive than that. I am so glad I invested in it as it has been such a great experience for me!
The course has been great, at first it took me a little while to get into it as there were no exercises at the start, however I found that the self-care portion was very important to ensure my mindset was right.
Before I had my bub I use to do a bit of running, however after the birth I was a little scared to run due to my pelvic floor. After about week 5 of the course and doing the exercises daily I had to confidence to go for a run and it was such a great feeling and I didn't have any pelvic floor issues.
Heba has been great throughout the course, whenever I have had any questions or queries she has got back to me straight away. She has also created a great little community with other women in the same boat as me. It has been great to have a private Facebook group where we have been able to share our experiences over the weeks, a lot of what others have experienced is the same as me so it is great to get tips from others too. 
I would definitely recommend The Pelvic Expert to others as it has been such a great experience for me and really help me with Pelvic Floor issues after the birth of my child.

(Liz, Western Australia)
I have loved following the program. It contained information that every woman should know. I can finally have a bowel movement everyday without straining! This for me is a miracle. I had pubis symphysis dysfunction that hampered my performance in the program around week 5 but I am trying to build up my glute strength as instructed by Heba to hopefully soon go through the exercises with no pain & at my full strength.  
The program was really easy to follow & life changing. Thank you so much for putting it together.

Sana (Sydney, Australia)
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