No, you do NOT need to “just live with it”!

Discover how to fix your prolapse and bladder or bowel control problems without invasive surgery, more ‘specialists,' or feeling like you have to live like this forever!

You CAN heal yourself.


And it starts with your pelvic floor!


Look, I know it’s frustrating.

Worrying about what will happen if you leak during a presentation at work.
Feeling out of shape because you can't go to the gym, CrossFit, or your favorite running path.
Picking your outfits based on what would best hide a potential accident.
Wondering if anyone else suffers from these issues -- feeling lonely and isolated.
Avoiding social activities and hobbies you used to LOVE because you’re afraid of exiting your front door.
You just want your body, confidence, and LIFE back but the doctors keep telling you...
“It’s normal.”
“This is just the way things are.”
“You’re fine.”
“The only option is surgery.”
These issues aren't "normal" - they’re COMMON.
Big Difference.
In fact, 1 in 3 women experience incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse in their lifetime -- caused by childbirth, menopause, and even constipation.


We’re just taught to stay silent.

So let’s get this conversation started!

Hello, I’m Heba Shaheed: The Pelvic Expert!

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After experiencing my own chronic pelvic pain, I discovered a MASSIVE GAP in support for women experiencing these very common symptoms. Now, it’s my mission to help women to stop suffering in silence and restore strength, balance, and confidence from the inside out!
In this FREE 7-Day Pelvic Floor Challenge, I'm going to share 7 Daily Exercise Challenges from the holistic and research-based system I've used for 8+ years in my private physiotherapy practice. This system has helped over 2,000 women (just like you) regain muscle confidence, fix their prolapse, and get back to exercise, work, intimacy, and life without feeling held back by their pelvic floor!

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Get started!


What You Will Learn On This Free 7-Day Challenge:


Daily exercises to challenge your pelvic floor, from endurance, to speed, coordination and more.


How the pelvic floor works with other muscles in your body and practical steps to keep your pelvic floor engaging.


Why not exercising is making your prolapse, bladder and bowel control problems worse - and how you can gain control today!