Help her thrive throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond

Health programs to help women succeed at work and in life

Pelvic floor health is one of the most critical areas of women’s health, yet it is too often ignored. Research shows that many women experience pelvic floor-related health problems, such as endometriosis, pregnancy pain, birth complications and menopausal issues that often prevent them from working to their full capacity - or working at all.

Here at The Pelvic Expert, we want to change that.

The Stats

Pelvic floor related issues are far more common than you think. In fact, there’s more than likely someone in your team right now that’s suffering in silence and needs your help.

of women experience back and pelvic pain during pregnancy and after birth
of all women with pelvic pain have to take sick leave because of it
of women have issues with bladder or bowel control after giving birth
of women suffer from painful periods or endometriosis

The good news

The good news is that pelvic floor issues aren’t inevitable. With an effective pelvic floor program, women can expect to see:

Reduction in pain and related symptoms
Increase in bladder and bowel control

Empower her to be her best at work

Our pelvic floor programs have been created by world-leading health experts, and designed holistically to cover physical, emotional and psychological challenges. As a business, they can help you achieve:

Better participation


Our programs will help women manage and prevent pain caused by pelvic floor issues, meaning they’ll be able to more fully participate in work, with less sick leave  – and more confidence.

Higher retention

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Up to 43% of women don’t return to their jobs after giving birth. Many more leave earlier than anticipated in pregnancy.

Our programs can help you retain your top talent and ensure they’re happy and healthy.

Empowerment & focus


By leading the way in preventative health, our programs will empower women to take care of their health so they can stay focussed on their careers.

What do our programs include?

Pregnancy & Birth
Wellbeing Program

Our 8 week program is designed to ensure women enjoy pregnancy in their best health, while at the same time preparing for birth.


With inclusions such as nutritional recipes, best-practice exercise programs and vital preventative health advice such as how to reduce the impact of common pregnancy ailments, our programs help women thrive during pregnancy.  

Parental Leave Health
& Wellbeing Program

Our 8 week program helps women navigate the many health complexities of the post-birth period, while simultaneously looking after their mental health and wellbeing.


With their return to work in mind, our program helps women recover from birth more quickly and more confidently, and feel more informed and empowered to address any issues. 

Pelvic Floor Health

Our 8 week Pelvic Floor Health program is targeted at women at all ages and stages who are experiencing a weak pelvic floor. This might include women who’ve experienced an injury, or those approaching menopause.


In our program, women will learn how to correctly perform pelvic floor exercises, as well as learning healthy habits for their bladder and bowel. They’ll also have access to hormone balancing recipes and learn self-care best practices.

Menstrual Pain & Endometriosis

Menstrual pain, and especially pain caused by endometriosis, is debilitating and can profoundly affect women’s workplace participation.


Our 8 week program teaches women about the neuroscience behind pain and how to best manage it, using self-directed pain relief techniques, healing exercises and meditations. They’ll also receive helpful information about hormone balancing and inflammation.