Core & Pelvic Floor Basics
21-Day Mini Exercise Program
for Just $29


"Thank you I can’t wait to have a fully functioning pelvis again <3." 

"Cool! Thanks Heba am feeling really positive about the program and finding you so that now and especially after the next baby I can start my journey to recovery better informed! I hope one day I won't leak and can get back to my beloved yoga ** thank you so much! <3" 

"Your videos and daily tasks have been amazing. Thank you so much. I've been sharing them... <3" 

“I have been really impressed with your videos and the way that you deliver info and education- thanks for the last 5 days, I feel stronger already!” 

"I used to leak with cough and sneeze, but after this 5 day challenge that's gone. Looking forward to stopping my leaks with jumping and exercise." 

It’s a guided, day by day exercise program that’s been put together so that you DON’T have to figure things out for yourself.

Just open an email a day, follow the specific exercise instructions and after 5 - 7 days you should begin to FEEL the difference (like some of our other clients who have gone through the challenge previously)

It’s a great way to get stronger, gain complete control over your body and start losing your “mummy tummy”.