Period Proof Panties

Many of us use pads and tampons during our periods, but if you’re like many sensitive women, sometimes those harsh brands can irritate the lady bits.


After having recently given birth, and having to wear “maternity” pads for postpartum bleeding, I faced this same issue. So that’s when I decided to give the ModiBodi LeakProof Underwear a go.


ModiBodi have a patented “Modifier Technology™” – which is antibacterial, stain resistant and waterproof. You can see this tech and the undies “in action” by clicking here.


What I love:

  • The soft bamboo fabric
  • Eco-friendly
  • Perfect fit
  • Breathable
  • Wicks moisture
  • Lightweight and feels like normal underwear (because it is haha)
  • No itchy uncomfortable feelings like with pads
  • Save money and time – no need to run to the shops when your pads run out, or if you’re an online shopper like me – reduce the hassle and waiting times

I wore the Classic Bikini – Light Absorbency at the tail-end of my postpartum bleed and despite my worries, it did live up to its “leakproof” name. You can watch a short video I did talking about the undies by clicking the video here:




I haven’t tried their Heavy range yet but I’m betting it will be great for those women and girls with heavy periods, and for those of us who have endometriosis. I really wish I did have the chance to wear them immediately after birth, as there’s nothing more uncomfortable than the rough feeling of pads against your skin.


The ModiBodi Light Absorbency Underwear range is also great for women who have discharge and women who experience urinary or faecal incontinence, because its antibacterial, odour-resistant and stain-resistant.


However I wouldn’t recommend relying just on these undies if you have incontinence. Remember, even though incontinence is common, it is NOT normal, and it can be overcome. It’s really important to get your bladder and bowels under control by doing your pelvic floor and core exercises, and seeing a women’s health physiotherapist will ensure you’re doing your exercises correctly.


You can also overcome incontinence using our Mother Nurture 90-day Postpartum Program which you can learn more about here.


If they stand the test of time, I think I’ll be converting all my underwear to ModiBodi. I’ll keep you posted after a few more wears and washes. ModiBodi also have a maternity range including a breastfeeding singlet – which looks interesting and I might have to give that a whirl too!


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