How You Should Poop

Did you know that there is a proper way to poop? That’s right, you’ve probably been pooping wrong for most of your life. If you have issues with constipation, straining, haemorrhoids or fissures, it could be because of the way you poop.

You should be emptying your bowels on a daily basis, and it should be a long smooth sausage-like shape. This might gross you out, but here’s an image of the different types of poops. You should be a 3-4, otherwise your poo needs work.



Sitting in a squat position will help with constipation and bowel problems. In this position, one of the pelvic floor muscles, known as puborectalis, will relax and allow the bowel motion to come through.

Normally when we sit or stand, the puborectalis muscle wraps around the rectum and creates a kink so that you are in control of your bowels. If you sit directly down onto the toilet seat, the kink is still there, but when you elevate your feet and lean forwards, the kink releases and the poop can just slide out.




So here’s the correct way to poop:

1. Sit on the toilet seat with your feet well supported
2. Have a stool under your feet so that your knees are above your hips
3. Lean forwards keeping your back straight
4. Rest your forearms on your thighs
5. Bulge your belly by letting it relax and fall out sideways, forwards and backwards. You should feel a release around your anus.
4. Widen out your waist as you bear down lightly to pass a bowel motion.



And remember take your time, don’t rush and Do Not Strain. Just let your pelvic floor muscles relax completely.

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